Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MagicRar v5.0 Final Incl KEYGEN-FFF Direct|15MB

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Why is MagicRAR special? Its the magic...
MagicRAR is based on "non-rooted shell namespace extension" technology. Leaving technical jargon aside, this is what makes MagicRAR so easy to use, that you think it must be magic. You will not find any other data compression utility featuring this technology, because it is based on largely undocumented Microsoft interfaces that are extremely difficult to implement. Our team has spent tens of thousands of hours researching and implementing this technology, making us the first to offer you the convenience of obviousness when working with archives. But please, take a look at what else is available only with MagicRAR...

ΓÇó Shell Namespace Extension Technology:
So Easy it Feels Like Magic!
ΓÇó Find Smallest Archive:
Benchmark Compression Algorithms
ΓÇó Designed for SSDs:
Process Multiple Archives Simultaneously
ΓÇó Transparent Full Disk Compression:
Full Live Access to Your Data
ΓÇó Intelligent "Extract to Subfolder"
Skips Unneeded Folder Creation
ΓÇó Plug-In Extensible:
Add Support for New Archive Types
ΓÇó Outlook Add-In:
Transparent E-mail Attachment Compression 1
ΓÇó Browse Windows XP Mode Files:
Navigate and Copy Files from Windows XP Mode Folders
ΓÇó VMware/Virtual PC Hard Disks:
Browse Inside VMDK and VHD Files without Pre-Mounting
ΓÇó Unified 32-64 Bit Installer:
Automatically Install the Correct Files for Your OS
ΓÇó Recursive Extract:
Extract Multiple Nested Archives in a Single Pass


MagicRar v5.0 Final Incl KEYGEN-FFF


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